Paragon Casino Resort has been host to a number of exciting casino games over the years. The Paragon casino resort events are specifically created to help keep each and every gamer involved in the game and in the experience.

paragon casino resort events

At Paragon, games like blackjack, poker, and roulette are often held on one of the many tables that are available. Many of the casino resorts also have top of the line slot machines that provide players with a great deal of fun. In fact, many of the casino resorts that are held at Paragon Casino Resort are considered to be one of the top destinations for all types of casinos.

One of the Paragon casino resort events is the carnival. The carnival is an event that is held in several areas of the casino resort. The carnival event is held from time to time throughout the year and has been around since 1991. The carnival provides numerous activities for people to participate in, including rides, shows, and games.

Paragon casino resort events at the casino do not end with the carnival alone. The casino hosts plenty of other casino games that players can play during their stay. Many of the casino games are skill-based, while others are for those who just want to see what the fuss is about.

Paragon casino resort events also include live shows for guests. These events are held at various areas of the casino and can include different musical performances from local musicians. These events can also provide free food and drink for patrons.

Paragon casino resort events also include game tournaments. The game tournaments offer prizes to the winners of each tournament. The tournaments can be of any size and can range anywhere from ten minutes to two hours.

Paragon casino resort events can also include auctions. Most of the auctions are held in the Paragon main ballroom, but they can also be held in any other room within the casino. The auctions can feature various items including jewelry, electronics, furniture, and gifts.

All of the Paragon casino resort events can be found on the Paragon casino website. This website can be found at The website provides players with news about the games, events, and the special features offered by the casino.